Creativity and design are two sides of a coin; they are the sword and shield of the designer and he has to keep them sharp and shiny. At the beginning it was hard for me to follow a certain pattern when I designed a logo or webpage.  However,  after years of experience and exposure to more intricate projects, it became vital to follow a process in order to keep the creativity flowing and the designs solid and useful.   As I believe it is valuable for my clients and fellow designers to be aware of  how I build my designs, I have included  the  process of  creativity and the design thinking that is closest to my own.

Design Thinking Process  

I adopted the design process according to DESIGN THINKING, Maurício José Vianna, it is 4 Stages of Design, which is bit different from IDEO design thinking steps, but suites me and it works :).

Stage 1:


This is the first phase of the design thinking process in which the project team approaches the problem context from different points of view.

Stage 2:

Analysis and synthesis

Stage of analysis and organization of information collected, making it possible to detect patterns and develop challenges to help understand the problem.

Stage 3:


This is the moment to generate innovative ideas for the project. To do so, tools such as brainstorming and co-creation workshops are used.

Stage 4:


It is time to get the ideas off the drawing board. The prototype will help to test and validate the ideas generated.